Series 10

January 26, 2013


Series - 10


Nat chinthanai - 010


When we achieve the so called 'Wellness', we are ready to receive the Honors Degree from the University of Nature ! 

And when we thrive in this, we are qualified to award the Honorary Doctorate on ourselves! And pat ourselves at our back.


Principles of Wellness:

Moderation in all aspects.

Cautious composure in attitudes.

Maintain the equilibrium in the process.


Console the body when it is ill, like consoling the crying baby.

Take care of the body, so that it can heal itself and save its sanity and health.

Work on the body to improve its capacity (flexibility, strength, vitality and agility).

Let it reach the standard to serve our life's purpose.


The three aspects involved in optimum Wellness are:

1. Discipline into virtuous judgment

2. Surroundings and Situations

3. Genetics and Heredity


The first one is fully within our capacity: Second involves the cooperation of the society and natural events: As for Third, not much choice, except to accept as they are.

When the Wellness is maintained in the body,

Thinking is Clear and Positive,

Feelings are Fabulous and Good,

All the Actions are Effective and Productive;

These in turn help to maintain the Wellness!



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