Series 6

February 14, 2011
Second Shortcut to Sivaloga


Second shortcut to Sivaloga

Points to Ponder - 002

          In a village called Mathagal, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. There lived a miser called Eachchappi. He hoarded lot of money. Because of his intense greed for accumulating wealth, he could not trust anyone on Earth, not even his wife or children. As the saying goes, every law has its own exception; this miser also had one reliable friend named Sivapalan. Because of the fear of Government Investigation, he buried a box of gold jewellery, in Sivapalan's backyard under the cattle shed.

          So lived the man, until his age of 77.  One day he got an attack of pneumonia, he could hardly breathe. He realized he is going to die soon. At that moment also, this avaricious person's mind was indulged in money and worried about the buried box of jewels. So he called his son to explain this secret that he had hidden a treasure in Sivapalan's cattle shed. The son was standing by his bed side, the old man started saying, "Listen carefully son, ..... I....have.....Siva...." He could not complete the sentence but succumbed to the disease and croaked.

          On the same day, his neigbour named Punnyiamoorthy also died. This gentleman was an Ayurvedic physician. All his adult life, he served his community by treating all patients, free of charge. He was taken aback to see the miser, Eachchappi coming to heaven. So he asked Sithraputhar - the deity in charge of admission to heaven, "This guy is the worst miser in the history of our village Mathagal. Nobody likes him at all. How is it possible for him to have earned, enough virtue, to be admitted here?"

The deity replied, "I know Mr. Punnya, every thing about the miser is in my computer. I can't help it, I have to play by the rules. There is a small loop hole in the constitution of heaven. The clause number 4 section 7 states that anyone saying the Lord's name in his last breath is automatically eligible for heavenly life. Eachchappi's last words were Siva. Although he was not praying but was trying to say that Sivapalan's backyard is where the treasure is buried."

Point to Ponder:

Every law has its own exception, is also a law;

So what is the exception for that law? again another exception? and again?..........


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